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Light UP team welcomes Kickstarters

Kickstart Scheme

Light UP is proud to welcome two new members to the team, Lesley and Bailee! Kickstart is a programme for 16-24 year-olds to build transferable skills that can get them into the world of work with confidence. We have worked with Kickstart to bring a valuable learning and working experience as we begin our new projects into the Autumn Term.

Lesley Neale

Lesley studied Music Performance and Music Business at the ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) after being inspired to perform in their youth. They’re now taking time out of their busy studies to give back to the place and the people that gave them the confidence to take on the world and make something of themselves all those years ago. Lesley is ready to go, with their past experience working with children behind them, to join our thriving community as Light UP’s brand new Theatre Assistant.

Bailee Parkes

Bailee was drawn to work at Light UP after spending ten years in youth theatre, learning a love for the buzz of starting new projects. As a younger student, he found confidence in performing plays and pantomimes alike (still missing the dame dress every now and then). And as an older student he built up his own projects, helping along the new generation of theatre lovers. Now, however, he’s aiming to help bring their attention to Light UP, and the invaluable opportunities we have in store, as our new Marketing Assistant.

With an eagerness to learn, Lesley and Bailee are dedicated to spreading Light UP’s message of giving kids unforgettable new experiences and helping them find a home on the stage.


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