Term Dates

Autumn Term One 2019

Thu. & Fri. Classes: w/b 2nd September - w/b 21st October (7 weeks i.e. 5th & 6th classes on)


Mon,.Tue. Wed. Classes: w/b 9th September - w/b 21st October (6 weeks)

Autumn Term Two 2019

Mon. Classes: w/b 4th November - 16th December (7 weeks)

All other classes: w/b 4th November - w/b 9th December (6 weeks)

Spring Term One 2020


w/b 6th January -  w/b 10th February  (6 weeks)

Spring Term Two 2020

w/b 24th February - w/b 30th March (6 weeks)


Summer Term One 2020


w/b 20th April - w/b 18th May (5 weeks)

Monday classes miss the 4th May (4 weeks) 


Summer Term Two 2020

Mon. Tue. Wed. Classes: w/b 1st June -  w/b 20th July (8 weeks) 


Thu. & Fri. Classes: w/b 1st June -  w/b 13th July (7 weeks)


Light UP is a trading name of Unexpected Places Limited.

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