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Light UP drama classes in Shirley, Hampshire. 

Classes are held at: Maskers Theatre

What's the difference between classes? Find out here.

Shirley Junior/Senior Company

Fridays, 4pm - 6pm

Company, £12.50 per session (to be paid every half term)

Shirley Advanced

Fridays, 6pm - 7pm

Advanced, £6.50 per session or £5 for Light UP members (to be paid every half term)


Courtney Fayle

Courtney Edited.png

Courtney studied a BFA in Theatre Management and Productions at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, graduating with a Magna Cum Laude in 2009. She went on to become the Managing Director of SouthWisco KidStage, an after-school franchise where she worked as both a manager and teacher, before moving to England in 2014.  

Working as the General Manager of Light UP, as well as our professional theatre Unexpected Places, makes Courtney instrumental in ensuring the delivery of inclusive, high-quality and unexpected performances.

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