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Our Company classes are for committed 7-16 year olds who want to learn more about acting through imaginative and diverse performance opportunities.


These groups regularly perform a range of types of plays and musicals in theatres and unexpected places, learning performing skills ‘on the job. With at least one external and one internal public performance a year.

Each performance project is carefully chosen to the interests and abilities of the group. There are no additional show fees for any extra rehearsals, but we do charge a ticket price for the productions. 

Cost breaks down to £13.00 per class, which is to be paid every half term.

To see examples of past productions, click here.

Supporting young people to shine

Light UP





Mrs Anderson

Shirley Company

We all appreciate the hard work you put in while giving our children the skills of life, i.e. how to interact with each other in an appropriate manner, how to express their points of views in a positive way, how to act as someone else, which means they have put themselves in the other person's shoes.

Winchester Today


The production had it all – sea shanties, mystery, murder, sword fights, the treasure itself, ‘X’ marks the spot on the map, the ship, glam costumes, Long Joan Silver… whoah! Hold on… Long JOAN Silver? Well, yes… we had a Jane Hawkins too. Role reversal? Girl Power! We were very impressed with the meticulous delivery and performance.There was a lot of talent on this stage – watch out for them elsewhere in the future.

Mrs Price

Mary Poppins Custom Games Party

Thank you so much for amazing communication and planning and of course a massive thank you to Sam who really was incredible!! It was perfect!

Past productions

Trick or Treat
Awards Night
The Jungle Book
Eddie & The Penguins
Treasure Island
Trick or Treat
Home Ed

For more information on our past productions, please click here!

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