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Light UP Creativity: Superhero Bookmarks

Getting creative at home is a great way to keep yourself and your family entertained for hours. Creativity can also stimulate your mind, help you relax and ultimately - make you feel good. Enjoy this quick and easy step-by-step guide, using bits and bobs lying around the house.


These cute little Superhero Bookmarks are fun to make and the perfect gift for Father's Day! Simple and quick, only requiring a few household items - even very young children should have no trouble making them.

You will need:

  • Jumbo Lolly Sticks

  • Muffin/Cupcake Cases

  • Sharpies, or other permanent markers

  • Pritt Stick

  • Googly Eyes

  • Stickers (optional)

All set? Let's get started!

To make the cape, firstly flatten out the muffin case, so you have a circle, then take the top of the circle and fold it down, about a third and press down on the fold.

With the straight line at the top, take the top corner and fold it downwards, towards the centre – to create a triangle shape. Don’t fold it all the way to the centre, stop about 5mm from the mid-point.

Take the Lolly Stick and using Sharpies, draw your superhero figure. Start with the hair, then draw on a mask, and then draw the mouth. Next, draw the tunic, the belt, and tights. You can use stickers to embellish the outfit, if you wish.

Now, glue the Googly Eyes on top of the mask.

Finally, glue the back of the lolly stick and press it down onto the cape, making sure that the top of the cape is level with the top of the tunic. And there you have it! A quick, easy craft to make to celebrate the superheroes in your life.

We would love to see what you create, so please do share your works on social media with us at #LightUPCreativity


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