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Highlights from our Summer Workshops!

Last week we held our Summer Workshops at our venue UP Studios in Hamble. It was so wonderful to see the Studios buzzing with laughter, fun and all sorts of interesting workshops! Here’s what we got up to:

The Bee Musical, 4-9yr olds

The Bee Musical is a delightful and educational musical for younger actors and actresses with musical numbers teaching them all about our fuzzy little friends. Led by our Youth Outreach Officer and musical enthusiast, Rosie Peters, the children enjoyed a 5 day workshop covering a range of activities including games, dances, what it takes to be a bee and arts and crafts. It was wonderful to see the children so engaged with the importance of bees and encouraging them into our gardens as well as learning about the importance of teamwork through “Hive Time.”

Stop Motion Animation for Beginners Workshop

Something completely new for us at UP Studios was our very first Stop Motion Animation workshop led by Creative Content Producer and talented filmmaker, Caroline James . This one day workshop helped attendees to make their very own stop motion films using an array of interesting household objects and their imaginations. Each student learnt the basics of putting together a stop motion animation, chose their props or created their own before using the equipment to set up their filming areas and bringing their ideas to life. The students decided they also wanted to embark on a group project, heading down to the beach outside the Studios to film as a team. Take a look at what they created!

Voiceover Workshop

Voiceover and Foley artists might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words drama class, but this one day workshop explored some of the techniques and equipment used to record sounds. Led by Artistic Director Rosanna Sloan, students experimented with microphone setups and recorded their voices in a range of different ways before watching some animations and making the sounds and voiceovers without hearing the original. They also lent their vocal talents to narration, by recording an excerpt from Mr and Mrs Men books.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Our Musical Theatre Singing Masterclass was a day full of musical fun and exploration, inspired by some of West End's best shows, from Hamilton to Wicked to Waitress. Our participants developed their harmonising skills and vocal techniques, plus dazzled us with their solos! The day finished with a short showcase consisting of the songs that they had learnt, and there was a smile on every face as we felt the joy of singing with others again.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Workshops! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves; enjoy the rest of your Summer Holidays and we’ll see you in September when classes start again in the Autumn term.


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