Little Lights

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Little Lights is our newest project; creative and sensory sessions for 0-3 year olds. 

The sessions have been designed by an Early Years Practitioner and our Director, Rosanna, creating a unique combination of expertise in child development and the lived experience of becoming a mum during a pandemic.

Little Lights is a 6 week course of free classes that will run weekly at four locations across Hampshire. A parent and child group will run midweek at Burridge, Fareham, and Rowner. Family sessions will take place on Sundays at UP Studios in Hamble. Please see below for days, times and how to book your place!

What will happen in the classes?

40 minutes of the class will be guided sensory and creative activities, specifically created for each Little Lights age group. A further 10 minutes of “free play”  will give your child the chance to explore the room and props with their friends and give their adults time to talk too. 

Sensory exploration and hands-on play is the highlight of our Little Lights classes. Our classes deliver original sensory experiences; sometimes using household equipment, so you can recreate activities at home; or using bigger props such as ball pits or parachutes which aren’t readily available to all. There may also be some “messy” activities where a change of clothes might be required! We will always let you know in advance if this is the case.  

Music is an important part of the sensory experience, so we have commissioned a musician to compose some original music for us. Familiar nursery rhymes or songs will be used, but rest assured our Little Lights leader will take the lead if you’re feeling shy about joining in.

Important information about social distancing

These classes have been designed to encourage children and families to socialise, helping new parents to build networks with other families and their children. It is important to note that due to restrictions ending, this 6 week course has been designed without social distancing in mind. The classes will encourage children to interact with toys and each other; our staff will continue to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in between classes to clean any props used. Parents are encouraged to wear face masks if it makes them feel more comfortable.

Little Lights classes will encourage a relaxed atmosphere where your child is allowed to move around to explore the space and meet other children. There won’t be an assigned space for you and your child to remain in; we aim to re-establish interactions and connections with other children and families in a supportive and friendly environment.  

This project is only possible thanks to the support we have received from the National Lottery Community Funding. Little Lights classes will boost social and physical development for babies, toddlers and their families through creative, fun and sensory play filled with imaginative music and activities.

Book your place

Our Little Lights classes runs for 6 weeks on the days and times listed below. The course is free to attend, but you must book a place as there is limited space in each venue.