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Giving our students that buzz of achieving feeling! 

LAMDA is a top drama school in London who also offer industry recognised qualifications in performance. Each grade has different requirements, but most consist of performing two monologues (solo speeches) and answering some questions about them. Our classes usually work towards Acting exams, but there are many other strands. Taking part in a LAMDA exam does wonders for confidence, but it also improves skills in a variety of areas and ways such as the following: 

  • Reading, understanding text and increasing vocabulary great for English and Drama studies at school

  • Public speaking skills

  • Articulating ideas and answering questions coherently

  • Memorising and recalling information

  • A positive experience working towards an exam deadline and taking an exam (great for younger students who are yet to encounter this at school)

  • For older students provides experience in audition technique

  • Gives student a formal qualification and a massive sense of achievement

LAMDA exams are exams in acting. Just like students can work through their music grades, they can work through their acting grades too. LAMDA is a drama school in London and they have been running exams for over 100 years. Grades run from Introductory up to Grade 8. Grades 6, 7 and 8 are also awarded UCAS points ( to help with University applications/ college entry), and all exams are officially recognised. More than that, the exams provide a structure to develop acting ability and are also a fantastic way to introduce young people to the idea of exams and the deadlines that come with them. From March to May all our Advanced students work towards an exam, but it is optional if you wish to take it. There is an extra charge to take the exam (which goes to LAMDA) which is dependent on the grade you are taking. We are very lucky at Light UP that students don’t need to travel to London or Bournemouth, but can take their exam at UP Studios in Hamble. We also ensure our students have an opportunity to take a mock exam in the exam location to ensure a more confident and relaxed feeling on the day. 

Taking part in our Advanced classes will provide you with the opportunity to take an exam. Our class structure allows us to provide this for £5/£6.50 a week - opposed to £20-£30 a week for a private 30 minute lesson, making this a much more affordable option for the families we work with, whilst not compromising on quality. 

Don't take our word for it- What our students have to say...


Warsash Advanced

I really enjoyed taking my LAMDA exam as I learnt a lot about how simple staging can really effect how good your piece of drama is. I am glad I learnt this as it has helped me alot since.



I enjoyed doing my LAMDA exams as it helped me become a stronger performer and taught me new skills. It helped me become a more confident performer and it is such a great experience.


Warsash Advanced

LAMDA has given me confidence and has helped me improve my acting ability and has given me more opportunities for the future. It is a good exam experience especially as it is a national qualification.

Hamble Advanced

In the LAMDA exams you get the chance to really work on two characters. You get to know those characters in depth, and really understand them. This year I'm Katherine of Aragon, a teenage Spanish princess in the 1500s, and I'm also a modern teenager who is in conflict with a friend. In the past I've been the Cheshire Cat, a hypnotised criminal and Violet Beauregarde!

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