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  You’re invited!

WHAT: 15 hour Improv-a-thon!

WHEN: 29/10 from 8AM - 11PM
WHERE: UP Studios in Hamble
WHO: Anyone aged 4+ to adults


Light UP is inviting current and past students, families, friends and anyone who would like to try their hand at a little improv for a good cause. Our mission will be to laugh until we drop as we embark on a 15 hours improvisation challenge. Why 15 hours? Because we are raising £15K through our crowdfunder, as we’ve secured a £10K grant to reach our £25K total by 2/11. We are hoping this event will draw more support and media attention to help us reach our target.

What is an Improv-a-thon? 

You’ve heard of a swim-a-thon, you might have heard of a read-a-thon. But what is an Improv-a-thon? For anyone looking to work out their funny bone this is the ‘a-thon’ for you! 15 hours of improvisation, each hour themed and packed with a variety of games, prompts and activities for participants to take part in. Pick and choose what you do, come for an hour or stay for the day, root on your players from the audience or join in with your friends and form a team.


This barmy challenge is one that will make the Light UP history books so for all our members near and far, old and new, for their families and friends supporting from the wings and for anyone in the community this is one you won’t want to miss! Just say YES to help brighten your day and Light UP’s future.

Who can join and how do I sign up?

The event is open to anyone aged 4+, for members and the general public. Each hour has been themed and some sessions are noted as age specific. No experience is necessary to join as a ‘player’ and there is no cost to participate. Unlike a typical marathon, ‘players’ do not need to join for the entire event. To register as a ‘player’ and pick your hours, complete the sign up below.


Are there other ways to support or participate?

Yes! If you’re not the improvisational type or you simply would rather support from the wings you can do this in two ways. The first is to be a sponsor, this can be for any ‘player’ of your choosing. Each player will be given a Sponsorship Form which will require their Sponsors Name, Email and Amount Pledged (for taking part). Any pledges raised by their sponsors will be added to our Crowdfunding goal.

Supporters can also attend as our audience and ‘pay what you want’ on the door, which will also go into the crowdfunding pot.


8 - 9am: Props, Props, Props - with Katy

9 - 10am: Scenes From a Hat - with Rosie P

10 - 11am: Musical Theatre Improv - with Rosie P

11 - 12 noon: Change the Channel - with Rosie P

12 - 1pm: Team Battles - with Rosie P

1 - 2pm: 4-7 years Improv Games - TBC

2 - 3pm: A visit to the Zoo -

3 - 4pm: Monster Mash -

4 - 5pm: 7-11 year Improvised Game Show - 

5 - 6pm: Family Games - 

6 - 7pm: Who's At the Party? -

7 - 8pm: 11+ Dramatic Deaths Improv - with Rosie S

8 - 9pm: 14+ No Words Improv - with Rosie S

9 - 10pm: 16+ Film Dub - with Rosie S

10 - 11pm: 18+ The Bachelor Improv - with Rosie S

Sponsorship Form

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