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Connections 2022

The National Theatre Connections Festival 2022 is a fantastic opportunity for Youth Theatre Light UP’s up-and-coming theatre makers aged 14-19 to take part in a brand new theatrical performance, commissioned by the National Theatre.


* Auditions are on Saturday 27th November, 2pm - 5pm, at UP Studios, Hamble. *


* Our chosen National Theatre Connections play contains mature themes and language. *



  • Led by Rosanna Sloan and Rosie Peters


Connections Rehearsals


Tuesdays, 6pm - 7:30pm at UP Studios, Hamble. There will be some additional rehearsals closer to performance dates.


Successful participants will be given a rehearsal schedule for the National Theatre Connections production 2022 in December 2021. We will try to accommodate everyone's availability as much as possible.


Connections Performances


April 2022. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed. 

If you have any questions about taking part in the National Theatre Connections production, please contact Youth Theatre Officer

Get Involved

Taking part in the National Theatre Connections Festival with Light UP will give you the chance to:


  • Perform an original National Theatre commissioned play

  • Engage with and receive personal feedback from a National Theatre Director

  • Perform at UP Studios

  • Perform at The Mayflower Studios

Our Ensemble group has been chosen to put on this exclusive production. If you wish to take part in Light UP's National Theatre Connections production book an audition space and fill out this form. Light UP Connections Booking Form

There are a range of different part sizes for different commitment levels. Get in touch to find out more. 

The Play

Chat Back by David Judge

Chat Back is about the underclass - all those young people who are so ‘bad’, disempowered, alienated,  ostracized, and abandoned - that even on the last day of school they still find themselves in detention. We  watch a snapshot of the lives of each individual (across a summer holiday of Friday and Saturday nights and  Sunday mornings) as they negotiate their way around the obstacles en route to discovering their identity, their economic power or lack of, their lyrical dexterity or lack of, and the meaning of in their lives, revealed through  their desires, hopes and fears. The words in this play come thick and fast, in rhythm and rhyme, delivered like  a paintball machine gun painting a multi-coloured landscape from a palette that is bleak, honest, raw, exciting,  energised and unwavering in its intention to talk truth to power. 
Content warning: one reference to suicide.

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