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We need support to raise £25K to fund our important work.

For the first time in our organisations eight year history we need to ask for help and support from the public to ensure Light UP's future is bright.

We managed to get through the 'Covid years' whilst still providing excellent sessions online and helping our community as much as we could. However the period of time when classes could resume but with restrictions and all of the events and performances we couldn't run severely dented our income. We have done all we can and will continue to work tirelessly to protect this amazing performing arts charity, but we have got to a point where we need to ask for help to ensure we can continue to run the Light UP we have all grown to love. If we're not able to raise substantial funds within the next month, we may have to consider letting our beloved studio go and making drastic changes to how our finely tuned organisation is running.

We are at a point, with Light UP, that after eight years and the time afforded during Covid to consider the organisations path, that what we do, who are team are and what we are achieving are all at their strongest point ever. Which is what makes the situation I, and our whole team are in, so much more heart wrenching.

I understand that the current climate is difficult for so many, but you can support us in so many ways, not just with money. Please head to our crowdfunding for ways you can help us and, in advance, I would like to thank you from the bottom of mine and my teams heart for your help.

Can you support us?

Best wishes,



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