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Celebrating World Theatre Day

Theatre is our passion through and through; it’s our every day, our world. Last week we celebrated World Theatre Day along with the international theatre community. We explored how we can inspire, educate, and entertain using youth theatre as our chosen art form; to create a community and bring people together.


Often we hear stories of how performers have that moment of initial inspiration; the first time they saw a show that spurred them to perform or create. When we bring young people onto the stage we hope to give them that same inspiration by showing them what they are truly capable of in the limitless world of theatre.

Whether it's putting on costumes and becoming these larger-than-life characters, or stepping into a new world through bringing a story to life there is inspiration to be found on the stage. We want to provide a space for them where they can meet kids just like them. If we can achieve this simple feat, then we can brush our hands off and say it was a job well done.


We strongly believe in the power of theatre in education. Drama and theatre is used throughout education to bring big ideas to students, helping them to visualise and learn in a non-traditional way. Collaboration is a vital aspect of theatre and the skills students gain through it are invaluable. Working together on a solution to a common goal teaches patience and empathy, making those achievements all the more satisfying.

We are proud to help schools as much as possible to achieve this. We are an Artsmark partner, encouraging creativity to flourish and have provided inset days to schools for theatre workshops. We also offer classes specifically for the Home Ed community to bring a theatre education to those who want it.


The goal of theatre is to bring everyone together - from audience to performers - and have a good time. Theatre is very much a form of escapism where we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes for a short while. With the closeness and face-to-face nature of theatre, that experience becomes even more immediate and real. The entertainment value of theatre when

students are given the opportunity to adapt, improvise, and bring something new to the table each week that will make them shine even brighter than before. Building this sense of community at Light UP helps young people feel confident and proud in what they’re doing. Learning empathy and compassion through teamwork - bouncing off of other performers as well as the audience to create the best show possible.


Theatre has many great attributes, and we are incredibly lucky to have found a place in so many of your hearts. We value your support immensely and hope to bring you many more great moments and memories to treasure. World Theatre Day was a moment to acknowledge international theatre, but we are incredibly grateful for this small section that’s all our own.


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