About Charlotte


  • Training:
    BA (Hons) Drama and English Literature - University of Winchester

  • First part in a play:
    Whoops-a-Daisy Angel in Primary School

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  • About me:

I am passionate about providing young people with the skills and opportunities that the Arts provide. I believe communication is the key to happiness and success and Drama is a wonderful way to improve communication skills, build confidence and give young people the chance to find a voice. I am enthusiastic about Theatre and value the opportunity to contribute to young people’s experience in the field. 

I have trained in dance since I was three years old. I am trained as a singer both Classically and in Musical Theatre and now work as a freelance Jazz singer. Devising and Actor training was my passion throughout my degree. Throughout my course I developed skills in Physical Theatre, Improvisation, voice work and academic practice, as well as taking on leadership roles within rehearsal processes often running lengthy warm up’s and technique classes. 

For my dissertation I completed my own academic research project focussing on how to help young people find their Authentic Voice. I am aware of the need to give young people the opportunity to explore and be creative through Drama having researched the many benefits it can bring and how!

I co-run The Bard Buskers Theatre Company, a company who began ‘busking’ Shakespeare in Winchester. We aim to bring classical literature to the masses! The company has since developed and performs at festivals, indoor and out-door theatre venues, parties, events, weddings, funerals…you name it! I manage and direct the companies creative process alongside performing.

I have experience working with Blue Apple Theatre, a company working with those with special needs. The ambitious company create incredible theatre. The experience was life changing for me. Working as a mentor, teacher and fellow actor within such a diverse cast in which I had to cater for all kinds of needs broadened my understanding of theatre and people. Through Drama the cast were better able to enhance their social, personal and artistic skills. Lessons I learnt there: inclusivity, patience, empathy and above all the true spirit of what the creative process should be, to bring a wonderful sense of community to the stage.

I now offer private tutorials for Blue Apple members, and work as a vocal coach for singers and actors of all abilities and ages alongside my acting!

Performing Credits include:

Gypsy the Musical, performing as Louise, (Theatre Royal Winchester).

The Power of Dance with the Jade Millington Dance Company (Guildhall Southampton).

The Bard Busker’s Touring theatre includes:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and The Seven Ages of Shakespeare, an original devised piece retelling the biographical life-story of William Shakespeare through his magnificent poetry, plays and songs! (The Winchester Hat Fair, The Bristol Shakespeare Festival, The Curious Arts Festival…).

A King’s City Christmas with Blue Apple Theatre (The Tower, Winchester).

The Railway Plays, a series of Absurdist plays written and directed by Nicholas Joseph (who like Brecht keeps his characters elusive!). I performed as ‘The Old Woman’, ‘The Backpacker’ and ‘The Woman’ (The Railway Pub, The Chesil Rectory, The Winchester Boys College).

The Singer also written by Nicholas Joseph. I played ‘The Singer’ (The Chesil Rectory-with hopes to take this piece to the Edinburgh Fringe next year!).


As a child performing helped me grow and hone my passion for the Arts setting me on an exhilarating creative path. I am delighted to have the opportunity to do the same thing for young people at Light UP and give students the chance to enjoy the wonder of theatre.

Light UP is a trading name of Unexpected Places Limited.

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